WSQ Provide Guard and Patrol Services (PGPS)

Course Code: SE-SO-103C-0


Security officers are responsible for safe and proper working of any organisation, place or event. They play an important role of ensuring the safety and security of valuables, property and people. Their day-to-day duties revolve around the role of protecting the property and people within the premises. Their physically presence will deter offenses or undesirable behaviour from occurring. In addition, security officers will need to observe all activities and report any that may seem suspicious.

This WSQ course “Provide Guard and Patrol Services” is design to equip new security officers with the relevant skillset to perform guard and patrol duties completely. It focuses on enabling the security officers to prepare work activities, guard static position, handle phone calls and lost-and-found properties, patrol premises, make report and hand over duties.

The WSQ “Provide guard and patrol services” is a core module under the WSQ Security Framework – Certificate in Security Operations which requires the successful completion of THREE (3) Core Modules and THREE (3) Elective Modules. It is also a mandatory module under the Basic Licensing Unit for Security Officers.


To demonstrate mastery of the tasks in this course, the participants must be able to do the following within the given time limit and with the materials, tools and equipment supplied:

  • Prepare work activities
  • Guard static position
  • Handle telephone calls and lost-and-found properties
  • Patrol premises
  • Make reports and hand over duties
Who should attend

This course is designed primarily for the training of individuals who are embarking build a career in the security industry.

Assumed Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge

Participants are assumed to be able to:

  • Read, write and speak English at WSQ WPL Level 4
  • Manipulate numbers at WPN Level 4
  • Act in a professional manner
  • Observe confidentiality
  • Be vigilant at all times
Physical and Medical Requirement

Participants must:

  • Be certified by a medical doctor to be physically fit for work
  • Not be colour-blind or hearing impaired
Course Duration
  • 2 Days (16 Hours) – Inclusive Assessment
  • Day 1: 8.30am-8pm
  • Day 2: 8.30am-3pm
  • Day 2: Assement 3pm-Onwards


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