Provide “Go-the-Extra Mile” Service (PGEMS)

Course Code: SVCF-CS-101C-1


The evolving role of today’s security officers places strong emphasis on providing good customer service that goes beyond just a smile while performing the primary duty of protecting people, property and/or information.

This WSQ course on “Provide Go-the-Extra-Mile Service” (PGEMS), which is specially contextualised for security officers, aims to provide the foundation to equip security officers with the essential practical skillsets to provide go-the-extra-mile service to exceed customer expectations and create a positive customer experience. Participants will learn to seek customer’s feedback on service delivery and identify areas to improve their own performance and skillsets for better customer service.

Designed and developed by a qualified Specialist Adult Educator with extensive experience in developing Competency Standards, as well as Curriculum Training and Assessment Guide for a number of WSQ/Skill Framework and training courses for government and private organisations, the course will be conducted by an ACTA-certified former lead air stewardess with vast experience in customer service.


Participants must be able to do the following within the given time limit and with the materials, tools and equipment supplied:

  1. Recognise the diverse range of customers and their needs and expectations
  2. Demonstrate the qualities and characteristics of a service professional
  3. Create positive customer experiences by offering customised and personalised service in accordance with organisation guidelines
  4. Escalate feedback through appropriate channels on areas of improvement to enhance the customer experience
  5. Empathise with customers’ needs to exceed customers’ expectations and create positive customer experiences
  6. Demonstrate customer-friendly communication principles in go-the-extra-mile interactions with customers
  7. Seek customer’s feedback on service delivery to improve own performance in providing go-the-extra-mile service
Who Should Attend

This course is primarily designed for front-line staffs who interact with customer in their course of work.

Course Duration
  • 1 Day (9.25 Hours) – Inclusive Assessment
  • Day 1: 9am-6pm
  • OJT: 6pm-7pm
  •  In-House Assessment: 7pm-Onwards

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